Rat Tale is a role-playing game I have been developing since Dec 2018. This page serves as an informal dev-log and collection of progress. 
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All content here is created by me, unless otherwise specified.

09-07-2021: Doing some color palette editing. Not yet perfect, but I think these colors are much better. Most colors are replaced. Really just need to tweak some of the greens, the smallest frog is looking a bit neon for my taste.

Eyes are the window to the soul, etc. So I made them better!

Started some autotiles in Aseprite's v1.3 beta. Having trouble with the cliffs.

Pictured from left to right; Dill, Tulip, Juniper, Fig, Marmalade, Princess Thistle, Owl King

First color palette

I just recently started working on some assets after about 9 months of no progress. I have moved to Game Maker Studio 2 for development (which I am teaching myself) and made the plunge into a larger resolution for the art for the game.

A little sketch of the Kappa Family. Fig Kappa is the player's best friend, and a main character in the story.

First ever in-game screenshot from when I truly believed I could create the game I wanted in RPG Maker MV (I couldn't...). All assets and font by me!

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